WebJA provides a friendly, easy-to-use platform where Jamaicans/Jamaican Companies can advertise directly to the Jamaican audience.
By keeping everything 'Jamaican', we aim to create a central hub for finding everything that the Jamaican population will look for.
There is no longer any need for your Jamaican business to compete with others from around the world in Google search results. WebJA provides a collective pool of everything Jamaican.

Contact Us

As we are an online only service, we do not have a physical address.
If you have queries/issues please feel free to send us an email at help.webja@gmail.com
with an appropriate subject line.
(NB: emails with a blank subject line may be overlooked)


  • Is this actually free?

    You don't have to pay to create an Ad and you don't have to pay to keep the Ad on our service.

  • How do I post Advertisements?

    You first must create an account with your email/gmail/facebook account, then you'll be able to access your dashboard where you can create them whenever you want.

  • Can I advertise anything?

    You may create an Ad which falls under one of the six (6) categories that we provide.
    Your advertisment, however, must comply to the guidelines stipulated in our Terms of Use, but the bottom line is that you may post anything that isn't illegal under Jamaican laws or features pornography.
    As time goes by, we will Ad more categories in order to broaden the range of what can be found on WebJA.

  • Is it pronouced 'web-jah' or 'web-j-a' ?